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Rick Bueckert

Hi everyone. I’m Rick Bueckert. My son (Mason) and I saw a herd of Mustangs stopped at the Tim’s in Morris several weeks ago. We turned around to look at all the Mustangs and were graciously invited to join the club run to Winkler (thanks again we had a blast).

We had hoped to come again to another run but a cut front tire sidelined the car for two weeks while I waited for a set of new Mickey Thompson Street Comps, then had to go to B.C. for a memorial service and now am waiting to get our car back after it was hit in a parking lot (really – how do you not “see” a Grabber Blue car??) We’re supposed to get Draper (the car’s name) back the end of day Wednesday so we expect to turn in our membership application and be on the Friday night run and the Henry Ford birthday (God forbid nothing else happens!)

Our rides are:
2013 Mustang Boss 302 in Grabber Blue (Draper)
2013 Focus ST in Tangerine Scream (Baby)
2014 F-150 STX in Oxford White (Snowball)
2015 F-250 XLT in Magnetic Grey (Ronan)
2016 Escape SE in Magnetic Grey (Gandalf)

So yeah, we like our Fords…..

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