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This week I had to repair my instrument cluster. On Sunday my speedometer went wacky (must say it looked good with the needle buried to 240kph). A search online revealed the early Mustangs had poor quality motors to drive the gauges so $24 and 2 days later had some new updated motors from Vancouver to install. Dash removal is 5 mins and disassembly is even less. A hour or so later had the motors soldered in (replaced all 4 since I had it apart). Everything worked except now the coolant temp did not work….AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!
When I installed the motor one pin bent over thus the faulty gauge. Had to remove the motor and re-solder it in after fixing the bent pin (these pins are small and I am not so young any more so do not give me any grief). Gauge still did not work…????
Re-inspection with a good magnifying glass revealed 2 circuits on the electronics board to the motor had come apart during the repair….too much heat in removing the motor the 2nd time always gets you!
Luckily I had some small wire (I mean small, like 0.020″) to solder in place to repair the failed circuits and TAA DAA all is working like new.
So for $24 bucks, a few hours of labour, some sweat and nervousness I have a working dash again. Much better than getting a new one or spending $200-300 on having it repaired somewhere else.

By the way I have 2 new spare stepper motors if anyone needs one (had to buy 6 at a time and only required 4)

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