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Spare pocket change indeed…. I would love one of these as well. We would like to try to built a Gone in 60 Seconds replica Shelby but even the do it yourself way that is really pricey. I am a big fan of the “resto-mod” cars. I like the modern suspension and brakes and all the modern luxury features but done to older vehicles. It is nice because when we watch things like Barrett Jackson the resto-mods as they call them don’t cost anywhere near what a numbers matching car cost in most cases, but unfortunately still way more than we car afford, lol… its nice to dream though…

One thing that has my interest is the Factory Five cars. I did contact them to see if they had any plans to make a kit for the Gone in 60 Seconds car but they said no. One of my favourite cars is the the old Shelby’s like this one:

MK4 Roadster

We think this would be a fun thing to do, but still expensive so not anytime soon unfortunately.

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