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Cool. I was really wanting to get the car out this weekend but the roads were still soaked in a lot of areas. Probably sometime this weekend if the weather cooperates. It is a daily driver so I am not worried about getting it wet or dirty, but I would like to keep it out of the water until the streets have been cleaned and it has rained a few times to wash away as much salt as possible. I would prefer not giving the car a salt bath, lol.

I think I have made up my mind on a MAC cat-back system for the car instead of the typical Flowmaster. I can order one out of Calgary for around $550-600 after shipping and taxes. Based on some videos and reviews it seems like what I am after. Everyone seems to agree it is the deepest most muscle car like sound for them. If it still isn’t loud enough I always have the option of disabling the smog pumps and removing the cats, and getting some aftermarket headers. Apparently removing the stock H pipe and cats with the off road version will make the biggest difference. One step at a time I suppose.

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