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    Stormin Norman

    This is great! An MB Mustang site! Congrats!

    So, here’s what I’ve got and what I plan for it.

    My car is a Mexican Factory-Built Fairmont Squire wagon, with all kinds of Mustang components and a few features that US and CDN Fox bodied Fords don’t get. A hooped headliner. A DANA 44 Trac-Lok axle, and some beefier hardware in the suspension.

    I added a police sedan rear sway bar. Mine came with the Mexican 5 main bearing 302, but I swapped it out for a freshly built 3.3L Inline 6. I just finished swapping out the C4 automatic, for a 1980 Fairmont SROD 4 speed manual transmission, and I plan on having the head machined for 3 YFA single-barrel carburetors, next Spring. These little sixes have 7 main bearings at the bottom end, but starve for air. I made my own custom Stainless Steel headers, because the aftermarket headers would force me to move my AC from its stock position on the passenger side to the Driver’s side.

    I am a retired Industrial Engineer, so things mechanical don’t shy me away from trying stuff.

    I also made a removable trailer hitch for it, after ‘tucking in’ the front and rear bumpers, and with finish them in the same body colours.

    The interior includes a 1981 Capri floor console, and I used the Capri e-brake cables to move my old pedal e-brake from under foot. The gauges and tach are from a 1984 Mustang, and I added a pair of VDO gauges where the old e-brake used to be.

    I’ll be finishing the paint next Spring with a two-tone paint scheme. The woodgrain in Mexico gets baked into dust, so I’ll be painting that a medium brown, and the rest of the car will get a Sand colour, much like the 1980 Granadas. The rear fold-down back-rest is also out of a 1985 Mustang and replaces the original fold-down. I did that so we could accommodate a third passenger, when I load lumber or garden tools in the cargo area, since we have brown velours 1986 baby LTD reclining bucket seats in front. I also added rear seat-belts, also from the same baby LTD wagon.

    Fairmonts came with speaker holes in the front doors, so when I saw a 1976 Lincoln Mark V with angled door speaker mounts, I scooped them, and made my stock system into a 6-way system. My wife is also Mexican, and we like to drive down to see family and friends in Monterrey, and Guadalajara, MX.

    We’ve had the wagon since 1997, and kept her rust-free, as much as we can. This is the second major restoration. This time, I’ll be building the engine from its original 85 HP to about 150 HP. Nothing racy, but the extra torque will help on our long trips across Canada, and down south.

    Oh, and the exhaust is all stock. The header is actually quieter than the stock manifold that was in it.

    Finally, the entire paint job will get a couple pearlescent coats and 3 clear coats.

    I’ll post pics in the next week. Although many of them are on the Foureyed forums, and the FordSix forums.

    Thanks for having me.


    Welcome to the MMFA. Sounds like you have done a lot of work to this car and we are looking forward to seeing photos of it. Hope you will come out and introduce yourself at one of our monthly meetings.

    Enjoy your day.

    Terry Jeffery
    Manitoba Mustang and Ford Association

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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