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    Tim Davis

    I am wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to look into what is the widest tire that can properly fit on the back of a 2014 Mustang GT.
    I am contemplating having my rear wheels widened.
    Kind of wondering how much I should have them widened.
    I am looking at going to Weldcraft Wheels in the US to have this done.
    Any thoughts regarding this would be appreciated.
    Tim Davis



    Tim Davis

    Fair question Terry
    If you put your foot into this car, it certainly does a poor job of hooking up.
    And lets face it, we all put our foot in it once in a while.
    Then there is the looks aspect of the car.
    I certainly feel that the car would look a heck of a lot better with wider tires on the rear.
    Other than those reasons, that’s all.


    Hey Tim, here’s a calculator that will show what size tire will fit a specified rim size. It doesn’t tell you what the maximum rim/tire width the 2014 Mustang will accept, that will take a bit more Googling 🙂 I think the stock rims on the GT/CS is 19″ diameter x 8″ wide or 8.5″ wide? Are your tires 245/45ZR19?

    Tire Size Calculator


    Tim: Just my opinion… I’d leave the stock rims stock and find a wider rim if this is absolutely necessary. Otherwise I’d look at one or 2 size wider street slick like MT’s


    Hey Tim 295’s fit on 10″ rims that’s what I put on my car. One site said 315s will fit but I wasn’t convinced. The tire company Nitto has some good charts on their website site, if you change the profile you will want to keep in mind the overall diameter so you don’t mess with your gear ratio.



    Hey Tim

    Thinking of doing the same eventually, but will go to 11″, all of the extra on the inside of the wheel.
    There is enough wheel well for it on the newer mustangs, especially with the bump stops removed/relocated.
    You might want to consider that if you want to run a 315 as well.
    If you are willing to run a drag radial on the street, even a 285 will give you some good traction.


    Tim Davis

    Well I have finally put the new wheels on my car and I must say that I am pretty happy with the results.

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